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Countless times
I've scavenged my memories (Memories)
For the hope and the love
That I had once before
A twisted enigma
A figment of my creation
While my foundation burns down
A living stigmatic vision told me not to drown
Inhale the water,
I'm sinking quickly now

Secrets are the fears that we keep in our lungs
Whispers in the dark diagnosed by the sunlight
Don't fill the night sky with venomous cries

Ocean eyes I cannot lie, I am drowning in time
Forgotten by the sirens, I've been living a lie

Recreate the being a gentle moment
Forever lost in the past
In my heart I know,
If this is love it will last

From the moment I set my crooked sails into this abysmal sea,
I found a new love for life, A grateful respect for it
I see now that everyone is born with the same heavy bones and Helium dreams as me
If only I could reach
If only I could speak and shower the world with the same admiration
And vision of a sinking ship rebuilt and brought to shore
Wouldn't that be glorious?
A boat that never sinks
A home that never breaks
A heart that's never bored

See those eyes that never stray, they become hazy empty holes
That gaze through the spirit like just another man to wound in war
Using all their momentum in their nightmares so they wake up frozen Solid staring at the door
Waiting for the rain to cry from the sky to fill the ocean floor
Like your fingers tied in knots, a beauty shimmers in your thoughts
You look up at the chart
A black bird flew out of the sky like Cupid's arrow to your heart
As it strips through your chest you smile at the knowledge
You stare at your treasure and say
"Look love, I caught it"

I woke up face down in the water
I washed up on a vibrant shore
I dreamt of finding my new heaven
Torn apart, I have been reborn

I have awoken to discover
I'm falling into a world of vagrant lights and sounds
Do my eyes deceive me?
Could I be dreaming?
If this is love, will it forgive me?
I woke up face down in the water
Torn apart, I have been reborn


from Foundations, released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Shapist St. Louis, Missouri

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